Looking back


Last year we flicked through our 55-year-old furniture archives of packshots, sketches and catalogues, and stumbled across The Chair and The Footstool, which haven’t been in production since the early ‘70s. Not only was the design still very interesting and inspiring but so was the story behind the initial concept.


The 1950's

Back in the 1950’s, a new furniture entered the Danish homes – the television. Representation of joyful family members and friends gathered together in front of the television screen is an iconographic archetype of this era. None the less, this major interest led to a challenge in the living rooms - the limited amount of available seats. To overcome the problem, Eiler Hansen set his mind to design and develop chairs and footstools that could fit in every living room, making it possible for everybody to have a seat.

The main idea was that every piece had to be well proportioned, functional and comfortable with clean lines. 


In 1959 he developed The Chair followed by The Footstool. The latter had two purposes; Leg rest and to function as a great seat for guests. The 59er Collection became a reality, and in the following years sold in thousands, all over the world.