Where we are today. Literally.

Shipping just a single footstool outside Denmark was a big milestone from day 1. Looking at where we've shipped pieces of our family history today means pushing the needle a bit. Great people from Australia, United States, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Faroe Islands have made all this possible.  





We've been mentioned in a couple of our favorite interior magazines and on a range of smaller interior blogs. Some of them we reached out to, but most have discovered us along the way. It's really thrilling to see how the HANSEN furniture is interpreted and used in all kinds of settings.

If you're also in the business of curating content like this, we've set up a page for you with everything you need. And if you need more, talk to us!


Drafting up a new piece..


During the summer we'll finish up a round footstool. We're still tinkering with the details, but are obviously quite excited about it. It will have a more robust look and feel than the classic footstool. 

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