The Footstool

To sit on, to rest your feet on, for pure decoration — we'll leave that entirely up to you.
180 €.

The Round Footstool

Sturdier and slightly bigger than The Footstool, this piece works great as a standalone seat.
280 €.

The Chair

Slightly lower than a regular chair, this piece used to be in front of the makeup cabinet.
375 €.


Frequently asked questions

How quick do you deliver?
From the day you place your order, expect 2 weeks if you're living in Denmark, 3 weeks for the rest of the world.

Can I wash the fabric if it gets stained?
Yes. There's a little reference guide included with the products explaining you how to get rid of cute little strawberry jam fingerprints and the like.

Is it assembled when I get it?
The legs has to be screwed on — this is done by hand and is very easy. That's all. Beats IKEA. In so many ways.

Can I find the furniture in any stores?
Currently we only have a sample in Rødder & Vin in Copenhagen. If you're in Denmark go have a glass of wine with Solfinn and have a seat in a HANSEN Footstool.

Is the chair suitable as a dining chair?
No, it's a bit lower than regular chairs. It was originally used as chairs in front of makeup-desks. They will fit better with lounge chairs or standing by itself.